Why We Must Attempt New Things Every Now and Then?

I love patterns. Be it as doodles or in saris. I am not a good artist. My Engineering graphics 3D assignments are the only ones I can proudly call as my experimentation with drawing. The casual art stops with flowers. I would rate my culinary skills better than my rangolis. Somehow, I am fond of patterns. I could admire paintings for hours for its beauty, but cannot do one myself. Since I never draw much, I don’t have anything to color. During pregnancy, I read about how coloring relaxes the mind. I love Mandala art and doodling patterns. The base of any art is a black pen. I love black color. The only reason that existed for me to go ahead and try.

One fine day, I wanted to doodle. I tried to push it away, but the urge was very strong. Recreating art was not my idea. So I skipped seeing Images in Google and directly opened YouTube. I searched for ways to doodle easily. More than 1000 videos popped as a result of my search. When I previewed one of the videos, the original poster started it from a random art. I watched the video with so much eagerness. I felt nice after watching it. I felt I could do that. I started without any expectations. By the end of it, I was only glad I did it. Mine was not the best art, but it just made me feel better. This is my first doodle.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever – John Keats

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A family friend surprised me by gifting me a pregnancy meditation coloring book. I must say, I love coloring in it. It has those lovely words inscribed on the art about mamma and baby. Sometimes we must just try certain things without much thought. This poem is my Day 30 poem of 100 Days of Poetry, the freedom to try new things without setting expectations.

One Pen, different write-ups,
One person, many dimensions,
When an opportunity presents itself,
We are first filled with doubts and fears,
We ask questions that never existed before,
However, once we calm down and think about it,
It all melts away slowly and we gear up and begin,
We become what we always wanted to become.

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24 Comments on “Why We Must Attempt New Things Every Now and Then?”

  1. I love to try out new things too. I'm certain (fingers crossed) that it will keep me from getting Alzheimer's. I've been thinking of getting myself a calligraphy pen set too. You've just pushed me further towards it.

  2. Aha! Did you write about me?! We are on the same page on art. I love art but am very poor at it. I created one zentangle some time back and was happy with my effort. I have some coloring apps on phone and indulge in them often. I love the experience and it truly has a calming effect. Your artwork is pretty intricate and neat. Keep doodling!

  3. I remember seeing your post on coloring apps in Insta. I felt it was nice way to relax. I am glad we found our way to art. Thanks a lot Shilpa! ☺️

  4. Great piece of artwork. Really it's amazing. Can't believe you it was your first doodle. Such detailing I can see in it. Keep doodling. I have to refresh my drawing my skills too. Happy to join with you for #writetribeprobloggerchallenge.

  5. Everyone has has some or the other form of art in them. Appreciating art is also an art, isn't it? Where would they get their adulation feom otherwise?
    For the first time your doodle is amazing. Keep at it. πŸ™‚

  6. Now that's a lovely pattern in the form of a doddle. I am also not too inclined owards art, but I am somehow fascinated with it. Your post has pushed me further to try my hand at doodling. πŸ™‚

  7. Trying new things… getting out of comfort zone, yes its rewarding. And in your case, the reward looks so pretty! Superb first time attempt dear! Keep it up!
    Interesting read.
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

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