I read. I admire. I love. I write. I laugh. I live! I love to think loud and the reflections of my mind are in my blog!


I tamed myself to be liked,

I tamed myself to be loved,

I tamed myself to stay with the crowd,

I laugh at myself for being a fool.

I’ve hurt myself more than you could,

I’ve lied to myself more than anyone could,

I’ve berated myself to be with you,

I am laughing at myself for being a fool.

I didn’t trust my gut enough,

I didn’t trust myself enough,

I didn’t want to be alone,

I am laughing at myself for being a fool.

Truth be told, life has not let me down,

It showed me where I belong,

I am the wildflower that grows untamed,

I realized as I untied the knot that choked me!

Wild and gloriously confident again,

I am more of me than I’ve ever been,

From now on you’ll see more of me,

Mischief managed with a spark and a smile!

Jayanthy Govindarajan

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Yay to that thought, to being yourself, untamed and free. To be yourself is the hardest thing to be. So well put.

Shilpa Gupte

That’s my story!!! That’s me in that poem, Jayanthy!

Anamika Agnihotri

I loved the verse to the core. I saw myself in every word and every line. I have been through this evolution process and let me assure you life becomes so much easier when we become more of us and stop being what others want us to be. The latter expectation comes to as a part and parcel of being a woman, a mother, a daughter and a daughter-in-law.
I also love the look of your blog.and the header image.

Jayanthy Govindarajan

Thanks a lot Anu. I am glad you like the design. I have so much more to work on it. Thanks for assuring me that if I stand up for myself everything is eventually going to be better. Love you.

Vasantha Vivek

Very wise words. Being myself, untamed and free is me. I could see myself in your words.