The Little Bubble

We all make mistakes,
We all have our own reasons for it,
We all can make mistakes,
If we are willing to learn from it.

Life is learning right from wrong,
As we take each step and move on,
Every relationship is a beautiful song,
When understood we know we belong.

At times, you maybe right,
And I maybe wrong,
It would take us time to get along,
Silence and pain will make us strong.

It hurts to blame each other,
To blow it up out of cover,
Something that could be resolved,
If we stopped judging one another.

I wish we speak no words,
Since we speak only of hurt,
Not once of the moments that matter,
When we all walked together.

Complaints can bring trouble,
It broke the little bubble,
we held so close,
That we look at each other like foes.

I wish things change again,
We all need this pain,
To cleanse our minds and hearts,
So things don’t go in vain.

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I share the reflections of my mind here as a mommy blogger. I share my parenting experiences and life experiences with gratitude.

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