Oh, Dear Lady, Wake Up!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up!
It is time to rise and shine,
Stop thinking you are not worthy,
For heavens, stop believing what others say you are!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up!
Why listen to people who call you unlucky,
When you carry courage in your heart
And kindness in your soul!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up!
Some words hurt deep,
Some actions might too,
So never forget you are your first friend!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up!
If you love being the corporate homemaker,
You know what you want,
You have every right to chase your dreams,
And live them too!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up!
If you are a housewife,
Spending your life within four walls,
To build this love nest we call our home,
You must allow yourself to follow your dreams!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up!
You deserve a partner who respects you,
Adores and celebrates you,
For you are God’s angels,
A unique blend, fragile yet strong!

Oh, Dear Lady, Wake up!
Chin up, smile and look at you,
You will see a precious gift in front of you,
A woman with a bright smile,
Who makes it all worthwhile!

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I share the reflections of my mind here as a mommy blogger. I share my parenting experiences and life experiences with gratitude.

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9 Comments on “Oh, Dear Lady, Wake Up!”

  1. Oh, dear lady, wake up, look in the mirror, and know that, whatever you do and whatever you look like, you are worthwhile! Written from the heart, I hope women who read this are inspired.

  2. Corporate home maker. Now what is that ? A professional woman who is also a home maker? I remember as a mom when my girls were at school, I was so miffed that I couldn't call myself anything more impressive than a home maker that I invented my own title of " Home Management Consultant". This definitely made all the other moms who filled in Occupation as – Doctor /Teacher/Business Executive sit up and take notice of ME

  3. This poem was touching for me. 5years ago, I gave up my corporate career to become a stay-at-home mom but calling myself a home maker was difficult for me. It did not ring in right to my ears. It still doesn't so I introduce myself as a writer. Although, the only thing I write is for blogs.
    I wish every woman to find her strength, no matter in whichever role she is in and certainly not believe when people speak unkind words or call her unlucky. Their unkind words are a reflection of their own thoughts and lives, not her's.

  4. Same here Anamika. I quit my corporate job to manage the home after my wedding. However, I am not willing to call myself a homemaker. You are an awesome writer and that fits well for you. I am still thinking my word. ?

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