Letters to my Daughter: On your first birthday

Dear Ilakkiya,

A year has gone by,
Since you came into our lives,
We enjoy every precious moment,
All the simple things once again.
We wanted a little angel,
And we were blessed with one,
We realized someone so little,
Could occupy all the space in our heart.
The once upon a Time sleepless nights,
Are beautiful memories now,
Those moments I watched you sleep,
Came out as beautiful poetries.
We love you with all our heart, mind and soul,
For you are a blessing in our lives,
Happy birthday Darling,
Stay as blessed as you are now!
Amma & Appa
I saved this letter for today. Happy birthday my sweetheart! Have many blessed moments today and forever.

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8 Comments on “Letters to my Daughter: On your first birthday”

  1. SO I cant help going all gaga over the poem and the image Jayanthy, especially after reading the earlier letter you had written. Enjoy every moment cause these are the best times in life.

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