Wednesday Verses: A Different Light

At times, Life isn’t what we think it is,
A loss makes us see it in a different light,
Some deaths make us see the bright side,
Whereas others shatters our core.  

Life is different after the loss of a loved one,
The one who treated us dear,
The only one who trusted us through tough times,
Life isn’t going to be the same again.  

Life has come to a standstill,
We don’t have a path to travel,
Life without you is not what we need,
It hurts deeply and we feel daunted.  

Life shattered all faith we had,
Hope doesn’t look strong anymore,
All we want to do is sit and cry,
At the empty days ahead of us.  

  Prompt #16 is “Different”  

Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.

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8 Comments on “Wednesday Verses: A Different Light”

  1. Beautiful poem, Jayanthi. A loss often rudely awakens us to things that we did not realise before. The days that are different sometimes teach us some invaluable life lessons we wouldn't have learnt otherwise.

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