November Gratitude 2018

November was the festive month that brought so much light and followed by it were some dull moments. This month changed my thinking. It is in this month that I learnt what it really means to listen to my surroundings, myself and others. To get to the better part of the month, think Diwali. I loved the festive season and this time it was simple for obvious reasons. This month was simple and unexpected in many ways that it taught me so much. Let me dive in to the month for tough times teach me to be more grateful.

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One reason why I love my days and somehow manage to run around all the time, is because of my baby girl. Last year this time she was 7 months and celebrated her First Diwali. This Diwali, she is making noises and tries to say ‘Pattas’ (crackers) in Thamizh when she hears one. She enjoyed her Diwali sweets as breakfast for three days in a row and I let her enjoy them. Well, she agrees to brush her teeth morning and night even though she is just biting her brush at the moment. Now my baby girl is  officially 18 months old. I wonder how it would be when she turns 18 years!! 😉

Ilakkiya is brushing on her own and funnily she is also teaching us how to brush! Well, she also calls out to her fur friends to come down and eat their food. I wish she follows that herself! 😉 Slowly her babbles are changing into meaningful words and she enjoys telling her Thamizh Alphabets and sits down like she writes them. As much as I am enjoying the show, I cannot stop laughing at the expressions she makes as she does it. A month and so much memories. I can’t stop thinking how these little ones grow so quick even as I throw up tantrums about her making my day hectic and almost impossible.

She runs around the house and is also ready to play hide-and-seek with her brother and me. She stands before a wall with her head down and imitates like us(we count numbers) but she babbles. Then comes to find us. She has started dancing and is still keen on climbing up and down the stairs. She loves her books and she is able to relate to pictures and real people. She recognizes us in pictures. She sees the picture of the queen and says Akka(sister). I wonder who gave her that idea. Well, let her know that all girls are Queens. I love to laugh when she is busy reading her alphabets. When she sees the parrot for P all she does is *ki ki ki ki*. That’s how the parrot talks right? 😛

Daylight Savings

You wonder why I am including this, even though I am not working? Let me tell you that. For a week, I had no idea why my schedules were out for a toss. Then as I read a fellow blogger’s post, I realized what I missed. The daylight savings has brought changes in my routine. Calls with the hubby are delayed by an hour and that has changed so much in my routine. Ilakkiya’s nap time has also changed. This way I had two troubles to handle this month. Doesn’t our mind always work towards organizing? Mine too did that. Well, I changed her nap to one instead of two. Early to bed happens yet no early to rise this season. So, calls with the hubby has also become more like business calls. Morning specific time mostly, or when not happening, we make it evening. I am glad we have the liberty to listen to each other’s voice everyday. After all, that’s more than important.


Things take a shape as we get to know them. For all, whether we get along or not, we know family is family. I love mine, both sides. Somehow this month, made me realize so much about aging parents and in-laws and what it is like to age. I felt, they with lesser comforts gave me and my husband so much. We with more comforts, fail to realize the power of giving back. I, for one, appreciate my husband, my parents and in-laws for they are people who know the value of giving wholeheartedly. I learn from them. I see life then and now and wish to understand the value of it today and work towards betterment without complaining.

Writing and Reading

Though there is little writing happening in the blog this month, I am glad to see that I wrote a post every week of this month. I have taken the Social Media Detox challenge and I am enjoying how I am changing my view on social media. I am half way today, but such a tremendous change for a person who wakes up with the phone and holds it last before I shut my eyes to sleep.

I told you I am no shopping freak, but you would not believe me if I showed you this list. Well, this is just for Ilakkiya. I am saving the things I bought for me for another post.

I am reading a very important book this month. A book that’s breaking me every now and then. By the time I finish it, I bet I will be as blunt as death is in that book. Yes, it is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I was scared about death. I did not see the most important part of this book as I took it from the library. I read the fact, but I left out the most important information in this book. When I brought it home, I re-read it and fear burned. I am glad I read it after coming home. If not my stomach would have churned and I would have left the book for another time. I am glad I took it. To read a book narrated by Death was something. I got curious after a day and picked the book and started it. I am crying and stopping and re-reading certain things. I think I will re-read this whole book if that is making me stop and cry and realize life for what it is. I don’t pick war books, I picked this one just because it had good reviews. I am glad I did it. I am still reading it, so once done, I will post my update on that.

Work and Social Media

I am glad things are changing. I am picking up new things and I am glad I am working towards making myself better. I realized that is really what I need to do when it comes to home and work. Just mind my business and do what I must. If I really could help others, I must. If not, better my work than causing trouble for others. Work is like rains in Chennai. Opportunities come once in a while, but not often. Still, I am so glad to work on what I get rather than complaint about what I don’t have. Trust me, this gives me moments to cherish. After all, one and a half year more and my daughter will be at school and I am so sure that I will be able to take more hours in a week towards work than now. Still, I am happy about this moment for the little work I get and not compromise it with Ilakkiya.


Some of my friends shared that long distance relationship teaches us more. That is so true. I miss him so much more and the good part is we don’t share that in calls because we know it is mutual and we just smile when we think on those lines. The one thing that we still fight about even when we are away by so many miles is about doing our job and staying independent(I mean it is the way of life, right?). I am glad that my hubby actually pushes me out of the comfort zone often now. I wish at times I just lie down and cry that he isn’t here to do this or that. I only realize that I am here to do it and I love doing it. He always says, Family (yours or mine) must be taken care of and that’s the first duty of a man and a woman. I so agree.

Journal and Me

Though I don’t pick the book and write everyday, I work on my monthly planner now. I am doing this for the last three months and I am feeling so happy about the free days I see on the planner. I include almost everything in it. I am also working on a Daily task list (personal only) at the moment. I am seeing improvement in some areas of my daily life. I will write posts next year on journaling. I am sure I will enjoy this for a longer time.

Small facts that I enjoyed this month:

A nice poetry that helped me trust myself again.

A little doodle to take things off my mind.

Time for a change. I don’t know makeup. I have never looked comfortable with it. Now, I am working on basics with the help of subscription boxes. GlamEgo it is.

The best part: A decade gone by. I joined Infosys on 17 November, 2008. I quit Infosys on 7th January 2016. When 17 November 2018 came by, I couldn’t stop thinking about a decade ago, I was all excited and glad to be a part of Infosys.

I am delighted to see so many happy moments this November. How was your November?

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5 Comments on “November Gratitude 2018”

  1. Oh I loved reading the Book Thief and have Recommended it to tonnes of folks for a read

    Your little one sounds so adorable- enjoy her baby years as right now she is still spending time with you. Once she grows up, that's going to be something you will miss a lot or so I hear from my mommy friends.

    Wishing you a blissful December ahead – make the most of the last month of the year.

  2. Book Thief is a wonderful book. It's lovely you can see the silver linings in a long distance relationship as they can be quite tough. Daylight savings can be difficult to keep up with and messes with the body clock as well.

    Hope you have a wonderful December!

  3. Thanks so much Shalz for stopping by!! <3 I must say the book changed me so much. I am learning to see Death as a friend which is difficult considering how scared I was before I read the book.

    Oh, yes! My little one is keeping me on my toes. I guess this will be my most active days ever! 😉

  4. You’ve had a busy November as I’ve had too! What fun it is to be around an 18 month old . I can assure you it’s much better than being around an 18 year old . I’ve also read two books this month which is a big thing for me – one of them Becoming by Michelle Obama was a bit of a let down …. the language was not so great and the natrative not gripping enough … sad considering she really had a remarkable life and worked so hard to get where she was

  5. Thanks a lot Sanch. It is one of the best books I read this year. Offered me so much insight about how I must change and what it is like to have Death watch over you.

    Daylight savings has changed my routine. I am glad to see it because Love can break barriers, right?

    Happy December Sanch.?

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