Weekly Gratitude 2019 1/52

Hello 2019!

*Morning* The cool air felt so good on my face. Reminds me of a fresh start again.
We all live with so many wishes and dreams. This year let’s have the constant aim and effort and achieve them with a strong will power. Let us all stay blessed this year. Happy New Year folks!

Coming to the blog, it was silent for the most part of December. Though I planned 2 more posts for it, I didn’t work on it.

This is the first post that is published this year. And, yes, I am so much delighted to post this. For almost a year and a half, I was posting monthly gratitude journals. I loved the journey and the time spent composing the post. It reminded me of the moments well-spent and the journey made me feel so much better throughout. In 2019, I am making another change. I am going to post my weekly gratitude this year.

For one, this will be the only year I can spend with my daughter fully before she joins school next year. So, I have made peace with the fact that I can only write short posts. I understood this last month. Though I planned the year in review like I had done in 2017, I really wanted to do it for 2018. However, the last month brought so much troubles than the whole year that I couldn’t sit down and write. I am glad I had my little one, she needed audience and I needed entertainment. It worked well.

I found the idea of a weekly gratitude journal so comfortable. I saw it at Sanch’s. I enjoyed reading her posts and felt there is always something to be thankful for. 

How about a sneak peak into the first week of the New Year.

I managed to wind up by 11, but I wasn’t able to sleep for a long time. I contemplated on a lot of things when the New Year unwrapped itself. I did not attend calls or see social media. I was busy watching the ceiling when they started bursting crackers and the little one wondered if it’s Diwali again and then smiled at me saying Pattas. Well, that’s how we started our New Year.
A colorful New Year
The husband enjoyed the show at London Bridge and sent me the videos and photos which baby girl and I saw on New Year Morning. We were lucky to wish him before he slept again.
I have chosen Calm as my Word of the Year for 2019. It could be calm down, keep calm, Calm it bud, anything, because I am boiling so quick that I am in shock. I really need CALM. That’s my bullet journal entry for this year. You guys know I am no artist, but I love to scribble stuffs like this. Oh, sure, it calms me.
I took my time with the phone and responded slowly to friends and family.

My New Year started with a bit of cleaning and I was happy that I managed it and felt better.
I am participating in the Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019 and have planned a post for revealing my choices.
My #365HappyDays project of writing a Haiku a day is going good. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Follow my journey on Instagram.
Ilakkiya’s new obsession is watching Vaayadi petha pulla song from Kanaa. She loves watching it and tries to sing along. We do it together.
Baby girl is growing up fast and I see her with so much admiration when she sleeps. Well, at other times I am amazed, yet the anger part is a work in progress.
I am slowly writing about my goals for this year and I am working on my Vision board. I hope to put up a post for my word and the vision board along with it.
Heard about the demise of a family friend and I am in shock. Death in 40 is becoming common and scary. May his soul rest in peace. After all, health is the only thing that we must focus on irrespective of our situation.
I am surprised that I have so much to share in a week. I am sure this is going to be entertaining and interesting.
How was your week? Share with me.

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  1. Yes, weekly gratitude post is a great idea Jayanthy. I too had seen untimely and sudden deaths last year which reminds that we should take our health seriously. I did not set the word for the year but yes, being calm is something I always try to imply. Good wishes. Enjoy your time with little one.

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