Glad to be Where I am Now

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My focus is slowly changing,
From the world outside,
To my world inside,

I am glad to be where I am now.

I used to wonder why I complaint so much,
I realize it now,
I let my expectations grow,
Instead of just doing my work,
I was focused on getting,
I am glad to be where I am now.

I used to get angry for many things,
I never liked it when people pointed out things at me,
At times, I don’t give a damn,
At others, I sit and let the points sink in,
Though I have felt defensive about few,
I truly accept when I am wrong,
I am glad to be where I am now.

I used to plan a lot,
And usually I am excited about my plans,
When it comes to execution,
I see I lack persuasion,
When people ask me things,
I change my plans to make them feel comfortable,
Letting my plans die right in front of me,

Now I realize the compromises I made,
I am glad to be where I am now.

I used to be excited about life,
I loved every day and always looked forward to it,
Now I feel it is completely out of order,
With nothing to look forward to,
Too mundane to do anything new,
Too tired to think anything new,
I am glad to be where I am now.

I am tired of listening to a thousand voices,
Always being expected to sweet coat things,
I am sick of overthinking what others might think,
I am fed up of pleasing the crowd,
Sucking away my energy,
Leaving me chaotic and adrift,
I am glad to be where I am.

I don’t give a damn anymore,

I am just so much more,

I love the feeling of me,

For, I am not looking for a knight to save me,

But I am looking for a Sword to guard myself.

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