Weekly Gratitude Post 7/52

Life is incredible. I realize it now as my days are being spent alone. Though I love the people around me,there is something missing from my world. I miss my hubby a lot and I am trying to keep myself busy to stay away from drowning in a pool of self-pity.

? This week we had a wedding in the family that took my mind off loneliess. I got busy dressing up and enjoyed the process. I am really not the one who loves to dress up. I really don’t know why. I am unlearning that idea and focusing on relearning it. I love to focus on small details finally. I am changing and I love the process.

? Glad to have my phone back, but I am determined to handle it with care. Strictly, for phone calls and immediate responses only. Shifting most Social Media work to my Tablet. I hope this works.

? There is water scarcity around me. I cannot help but try and use very little. I am washing a load daily and I am glad it has helped reduce the amount of water consumed by my washing machine. It sure takes time, but that’s one of my most important tasks for everyday. Somehow I love washing clothes when baby girl accompanies me. It doesn’t look like a chore.

? Until last week, my yelling and cursing had reduced significantly. I made a small change in my bullet journal. Instead of the usual No Yelling and No cursing tasks, I made a minor change. I wrote Yelling and Cursing as tasks. This way when I remembered my task, I felt the need to keep it low. I think this is called reverse psychology. ?
? I learnt how to make a 30 Day Insta Grid with Shailajav and I feel so much better about my Instagram update now.

?️ Somehow my phone’s battery this week. I was sad and I had no idea what went wrong. A friend’s timely help saved me from taking it to the service center. He helped me with a new charger. Without knowing this, I accepted my husband’s gift. Yes, it was a gift from the husband which I denied earlier, but agreed to accept once my phone showed no signs of life. So glad for being able to recover photos from it and also to write in it.

?️ Water scarcity has hit Chennai. It is really difficult to manage for everyday chores. However, I am constantly reminded of ways I could reuse and save water. I am also trying to view videos and read up on the same. We all need to work on making things better by using lesser resources.

?️ After ages, my husband and I are having early morning conversations and it helps me wake up early.

?️ An automatic collage in Google photos reminded me how quick Ilakkiya is growing up. The journey is amazing and makes me love her more. I feel like I am opening up more with myself through her.

How was your week? I would love to know!

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