Grandmother Willow quotes on Gratitude

ProjectTGB – This is my smallest way of showing gratitude to the people in my life. These people have made my life relevant in many ways. Their presence has made my life entertaining and purposeful.

It feels incredible to start this like many other things I have conceived before, but this is a mission that I want to complete in 2021. The person that fits my mission’s goal is the Iron Lady in my family. My Octogenarian Grandmother Willow’s quotes about various life things has finally started to make some sense to me.

My old lady taught me why it is necessary to finish anything you start. She also goes on about how life is short to live with regrets! Most of the time, it is all shared in a joke or two. She talks about small everyday victories that make us humble yet accomplished.

Both my grandmothers are strong women in their ways. When I think about them, I feel a sense of pride. The warmth of their strength and confidence makes me feel energetic and makes me think about the purpose of my life. Today, it is about the 70+, 80+ guys.

My Grandmother Willow

My maternal grandmother, the great grandmother to my little one, Mrs. Sarojini Murugesan, is fondly called by many as Sarojini Sairam. She is the only precious person from that generation of my grandparents who is still kicking it strong. There is not a day she does not go about cracking jokes

At 80, my grandmother willow had this free will to travel wherever she wanted with no company. She taught me to make thy self as a favourite companion and place complete trust in God.

My Ammama, as I fondly call her, doesn’t like me talking without brushing my teeth. If there is one thing she hates about me, it is my ability to procrastinate just about anything. She often shares a piece of her mind on how productive I can be when I take my eyes off my phone. She has great respect for time and watches the clock like it talks something to her.

Some of the people from her gang of grannies are the best, and they are the best example for “women help women.” Their planning and execution are flawless and flexible. They are always on the go, and above all, they laugh about a lot of things.

My Ammama, the housewife that she was, lives with my grandfather’s pension. When it comes to finances, she is an excellent planner who plans out her entire month on her pension day. To me, it is moderate cash. Still, there was never a day she complained about having less money. She has always felt thankful for being able to receive it.

Honest Healing comes from Acceptance

According to my grandmother willow, honest healing comes from acceptance of all good and bad. While I struggle a lot to make peace with a lot of things, she says to live life with no regrets!

As a family, we had gone through pretty tough moments, but Ammama has always offered her honest responses to the good and the bad. While she has been open in highlighting my pain points and my mistakes, she has never made me feel guilty about past mistakes. According to her one can always do more good to heal.

My grandmother is always ready to do any work. She loves to sew, and she has personally sewn many lovely dresses for my daughter without having any of her measurements. Some were funny, but most were perfect. The kitchen is yet another area where she rocks it well. Again, she checks the ingredients and plans the dish in minutes. There is not a slight doubt about what she can and cannot do.

At almost 85, she hurt her hip after a fall and had to undergo surgery during this pandemic. She felt dejected since my sister’s marriage was less than a month away. When she cried on the phone, I lost it all. At that moment, I did not know what to pray also.

Should I send a selfish prayer to give her back to me or say a painful prayer to take her away because she could not bear the pain? I couldn’t do both; I just cried to God to offer us help and do good for her. Now after 7 months, she is on her way to recovery with immense support from family. Her willpower was great, but she complained about how everyone was straining a lot to help her.

She always says she has an infinite love in her soul only towards Sairam and her great-grandchild. Of course, only God and a child can offer unconditional love and kindness. Ammama is very forgiving. Even though she has her angry bouts and curses us at times, I understand it is because of her dependence only.

At times, we youngsters do not have ears for the old. Yes, I have told my Ammama many times that she is boring and talking the same thing repeatedly. There are also times where I was busy reading a book or chatting over WhatsApp when this old lady came and sat at our house.

Now, I realized that though she couldn’t hear much of what I talk with her over the phone, she is happy when I call. That’s the only feeling I want to remember about my grandmother!

I am Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed to have this woman in my life.

ProjectTGB helps me thank the people whose impact I have understood in my life after so many years.

If you’d like to join me in thanking your community, use the #ProjectTGB and thank your people!

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