When I stepped on the Fluffy White

A woman's Brown leather boots on the fluffy white snow floor
First Snow

When I stepped on the fluffy white
I glowed at what’s in sight.
Sheets of snow filled everywhere
What an entry into this year.

Snow melts on living creatures
Yet, it covers those that are dead.
Doubts and fears evaporate,
As these flakes melted on my face.

When I bent and picked up
My first ball of snow
I was excited as a little girl
I forgot how ouchy my hands felt.

When you go in the snow
Make sure you wear the things below
Go with the flow
So you have a good show!

A scarf and a hat,
Some warm socks and boots,
That jacket and gloves,
Mittens for little ones!

Building a snowman
A game of snowballl
Laughter and joy in the snow
Stays as pleasant memories though!

After all the play in the snow,
A runny nose, a sneeze and a frostbite
Are just the right memories
While in a warm tub!

Make the best while the snow lasts
When you wake in the morning
Your snowman would have melted
There might be no trace of snow!

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