Nothing becomes Something

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Sometimes the blank page
pulls me to write a thousand words
Not knowing where to stop
As it flows on its own.

Yet, there are times
when there are so many things
I want to write about
But, it is far behind somewhere.

Cloudy and blurred
with no intention to move
I sit and stare at a blank page
Picking hard at that one thing for a clue.

Even as one hundred chores wait
I wait for something to flow out
To empty the chaos
To breathe in some freshness.

Even as the little one calls me to play
I cannot concentrate on what she says
Until I let out this bizarre feeling
Out of my mind.

As I put my confusion into words
Things finally take a different stride
Nothing becomes something
That I can put a name to.

Just becoming aware of my mind
Is all that I need, maybe.
I smile as I understand this
As words flow once again.

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4 Comments on “Nothing becomes Something”

  1. So well expressed. I get that feeling once in a while, it has even turned me into a 2 am poet because that is the only time I can relax my mind without any disturbance.

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