How Gratitude Pie Helps Me Live Each Day Gratefully #GratitudeCircleBloghop

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This is my first entry about the month that went by with Gratitude in mind. Hereafter, my Rewind posts about the month that went by will be posts for Gratitude Circle Bloghop hosted by Vidya Sury.

I used to look forward to starting the day before a couple of years when I worked. Somehow, I lost track of time being the new bride. A week before our First Wedding Anniversary last month, Husband and I discussed how a whole year flew away so quickly. We tried to recollect some memories. We came up with some and cherished the ones we remembered. The bloggers I followed posted about Gratitude Journal every now and then. That’s when I decided to write my thankful list every day. Upasna’s Gratitude Pie became my first gratefulness online diary. I took the challenge and tracked for August and September in my Instagram Page. I had a good time writing and sharing my list with Upasna and Vasantha. I am happy writing it and more excited because I was collecting memories.  Upasna’s push has made it all worth it.

At the beginning of September, my baby girl, Ilakkiya stepped into her month 4. She used to cry so much and at times I needed mom, dad or granny to change her mood. How they made her sleep routine look so easy still surprises me. Her 14th-week vaccinations happened much better than I expected. So much has changed since then. She is 5 months and 5 days old now. Just as she stepped into her 5th month, she fell from the pillow on my lap onto the bed and looked shocked. I just froze. I asked her in shock if she was okay. She smiled her smile. Babies are stronger than we think they are. I was thankful to God for that moment. Her smiles and babbles keep me smiling all day.
I am super thankful for my grandmother. Apart from my husband, she is that woman who frequently pushes me out of my comfort zone. At 83, she still cooks food we all cherish. My father was surprised by her recent creativity. She is my little one’s family doctor. My granny and I were searching for bamboo baskets near home, but couldn’t find one. Some of the local auto drivers are very helpful. One of the drivers took her to a plastic basket shop near home which she liked a lot for its varieties. I am waiting to go there sometime this week. Yes, I couldn’t find bamboo baskets.
Lovely rains, good food, long girl conversations are some of my best memories here at mom’s place. By this time, next week, I will be back to home. I cannot believe my 5-month stay went like a rapid fire round. I am happy that we stay just a few kilometers away. Though my mom and I fight every now and then (yes, we are like that!) I know I am going to miss her so much. Tears are not welling up in my eyes now, but all the moments we spent together including those silly fights are just moving like a slideshow in front of my eyes. I am going to miss her and those moments I spent post delivery. I am going to miss this girl gang (mom, sister, granny and I) a lot. I met my aunt after almost 17 years and the time we had talking and cooking Hyderabad specials will last till she comes again! 
I am happy about my 12 poems this month as part of 100 Days of Poetry. I am receiving appreciation from friends for the poems I write. I am so thankful to them for encouraging me to write more. I am also excited about the blog posts I managed to post this month. Slowly, my Alexa Rank is coming down. My idea of a parenting blog will soon come to life online. The thankful post is one I cherish till now. I am happy about my writing this month. I am excited to wind up this month with this Gratitude Circle post.

I am currently reading “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. I bought this centennial edition at Infosys Bangalore in 2014. When I read the foreword by the author, I wasn’t really sure if this book would excite me. I am not excited by this book instead I am impressed by a whole new level. Every page I read so far has intricate details in it that I am taken to a different world with all the characters popping up in my head without much effort. I am so glad for the little time I get to read. That is what is letting me get absorbed into this book without rushing through it!

Mothers become kids once again because of our newborns. That little-hidden shyness has left me now and I am not worried about public display of affection with my little one. Ilakkiya, my sister and I share that common interest for silly shouts and crazy bouts of laughter. We are having so much fun each day. I made up a new lullaby and she sleeps only to that song. The lines are downright silly, but all babies make their moms feel like Janaki or Susheela! 

My Kungfu Queen

Just before a couple of days, I sprained my leg. I don’t know how or where it happened. I limped all day and I wasn’t able to bear my own weight as I stood. My sister healed my twisted leg. She asked me to root and helped me heal my feet within few minutes. She is really good at what she does. Be it Pranic healing, Kungfu, Tai-Chi or Indian, and Western dancing. Right now she is a Martial Art Instructor who is focused on creating awareness programs for women in Chennai. She loves what she does and that reflects in her results. I am so happy for her because she left her IT job to follow her passion at 23. It’s almost a year and a half since she is teaching ladies self-defense programs and people wonder how she is going to get married. I am glad we know her better and let her be. Parents always understand second children better than the first! However, she is my daughter’s godmother and I know who is going to train my little one! 

Thank You September, You have been kind to me! 

A special moment I shared with my family!

I was waiting to lay my hands on those wonderful jars! The moment it came, I couldn’t resist. I left it to chill for a while. When I took it out to eat, my uncle had come. He is not a fan of cakes, so I approached him ? He said, he will give it a try! What do you think happened next? He did not just eat it, he relished every bite of this #chocolatetrufflejarcake. I tasted a little from it. Yes, I  hid my jar in the refrigerator! ? Cold and mildly sweet, this is all I wished in this cake! This #perfectbaker just read my mind! My family enjoyed this treat! Thanks @tabasum18 from @the_cakes_town for making such delights! You did not just make my day awesome, you made me cherish my cake! As a side note, it also cured my headache that troubled me for the last two days. Chocolate surely does wonders! I sure know where to order next time! Sending you loads of love!  #thecakestown #bakeparty #loveforjars #chocolatetrufflejars #chocotruffle #myfriendisbaking #loveherskills #chocolatelovers #cakelover #amazingbakers #orderfromher
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P.S: My little one just rolled back to front for the first time today! Yay, we are about to celebrate it by making modhaks for Lord Ganesha! 

Gratitude Circle Post for Vidya Sury

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  1. What a wonderful month you have had Jayanthi! Isn't it lovely staying at our mom's? I have a 2 month old myself, so kinda in the same boat. And I love your daughters name, just rolls off the tongue so beautifully. I also admire your sister following her passion:self defense is very important for every woman and girl today.

  2. Thanks so much Namratha. Congratulations on your little one. Some of our best memories is at our mom's place, especially when we are the girl gang types! My sister will he glad.

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