I Love You Alexa

After many months, I am finally seeing my #AlexaRank stats decreasing. I may be far behind, but I am so happy that something positive is happening with my blog. Firstly, I must thank Vasantha for guiding me with the AlexaRank app. I always wanted to write, but kept pushing my timeline to write on this blog. She did a good pushing and here I am writing my 3rd post this month.
I was on a blog break since my wedding in 2016 followed by my pregnancy. Little did I imagine, I will be able to write again when my 4 month old naps. I am thankful for the technology available, especially all the apps (though once in a while, I forget to save) which allows me to do things on the go. I am glad to take that little time for me when mom, dad or granny (best) spends time playing with the Little one. However, now she is busy with her toys and trying her best to turn.
I am thankful for my little blogging circle
I found through Instagram. I am very thankful for Instagram for the blooming ideas and inspiring people I have come to know through it. My current project #100DaysofPoetry is an idea from a fellow blogger, Reema. I enjoyed reading her poems and took this up. You can read my poems here.
Happy to be a part of #SeptemberGratitude with Upasna. Each one in my Insta page inspire me in so many ways. When I see people following their passion amidst their daily routines, I salute them. Vidya’s #GratitudeCircle and Shailaja’s introduction to #Calm App helped me see life differently. I am amazed they are always there guiding me take the path I always wanted to. 
Thankful to my beautiful ladies and many of my Insta friends for making me write again. I cannot thank you all enough.
The blog hops I did, has taught me so much. Could you believe that I postponed writing because I couldn’t spend time on detailed posts? To see my draft list growing endlessly was very frustrating. I did a reality check with myself and accepted to do what I can at this moment. So many posts I read conveyed beautifully what they could in smaller posts too. Thanks to daily challenges that many writers took. Your posts inspired me to write again.
Isn’t it about starting from where you are and growing? Sending loads of love to all.
Last Post this season for #MyFriendAlexa
Happy to be a part of #ThankfulThursdays

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