Everyone is a Fighter

“We are all fighters!”

This line strikes a chord with me! Earlier these lines troubled me a lot, but nowadays I just simply smile and say, “Let’s face it!”

Aren’t we all fighters? Maybe our fights are different, but at the end it’s all about winning over something or someone who said we never can. Most times, it is the fight about, “Living life on our own terms”.

I have lived many years of my life in denial mode. I had agreed to everything, most of my family wanted. Most in my family know me as the one who never denies any request. In short, “A very good girl”

I wasn’t the happiest of the lots I knew, but all I knew was Go(o)d was on my side! When I rebelled for the very first time, most were astonished. My parents literally laughed and said, “What a surprise?” I felt mocked.

It was treated like I had made the biggest mistake! For a moment, even I felt hot inside. It took me lots of explaining and convincing to follow my track. Nothing seemed to work. I felt very discouraged and at times even felt like a total failure. However, I was only determined not to become ‘the pushover’ I agreed to be, ever again. A fighter was born! I made mistakes in my first fight, but I fought back.

I slowly learned where to fight and what to fight for. Fighting for everything spoils the sport, but sometimes it is the only way. I am still learning to fight and I always will. Just that I am learning to fight better than before. Unexpected events happen in our life, so we find our true strength that lies within us. The choices we make changes our life and everything that comes and goes with it.

 At times, we are our only solace!

I am a Fighter. I know you are too! Fight your fight, because no one else can fight it better than you!

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2 Comments on “Everyone is a Fighter”

  1. Well said Jayanthi. All of us have battles to fight which no one can fight for us. And it doesn't matter that people laugh at us or try to put us down we just have to keep doing what we think is right for us.

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