I thee Wed by Amanda Quick

My weekend went pretty well as I dint try out any new dish like the way I tried last weekend. My aunt called me Saturday morning and it suddenly struck me to get her library card Number so that I can use it for sometime. I was once hooked up with reading novels day and night. Now i guess i can at least utilize the time I travel for reading books. The one I had finished today was Amanda Quick’s “I thee Wed”, a historical romance as she calls it. I would say a very good and interesting Romantic mystery. The characters were framed very well and I enjoyed the couple’s character with great interest. The story contained details about the place Vanzagara and the Vanza art. The family touch was present in the story in the later half and  I enjoyed the way the two had joined in to solve the mystery and the intuition of the lady character,Emma, was something to be noted as it was interesting and the best part was Edison’s character where he tries to pull Emma’s legs whenever he gets a fine chance.. 

I wanna get hold of some other books by Amanda also. I am done with this book so the next one on the list is “Deception” .
I thought of giving a brief outline of the story but now I want you to try out the book so that you’ll feel and definitely tell me the special touch tat particular story has. 🙂

 The cover of the book might tell you something.Tats y I first picked the book to read,. It was very inviting and then only i turned the book to read the outline. 

Well, read it and tell me how it was!

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