Reading Amanda’s books!

It has been quite sometime since I wrote some post. 
Why is it so? 
My latest activity being a lot of book reading. I am so much into reading Amanda Quick’s books these days. I like the way the british culture is depicted in every book of hers. It is surprising to know such good culture and tradition exists there. Probably a good idea about a foreign land. Well after the fast-moving mystery cum romance in “I thee Wed”there is some comforting level of passion in the storyline of “Deception”. The story of Deception is definitely the slow moving one yet very well framed by a good amount of passion filled between the two lead characters. Though the mystery involved was easily understandable after reading her first book itself. There is a very small difference in Quick’s books when it comes to understanding and solving the mystery involved. Now I have started with the book “The Paid Companion”. For a first time reader of Amanda Quick’s book, a book like I thee wed is a good choice to start with. I feel so. I dint keep the book down till I finished it. It jus took me a day to complete that book. Whereas for Deception, it took me 5 days to complete coz i was able to read the book only during my travel time to my office. Morning and evening altogether 4 hours. It was good though it was slow moving. Lemme tell you the details of my third book of the same author once I complete it. 

As far as the storyline of the book “Deception” is concerned its about the treasure that comes thru the family of the Man in the lead, Mr. Jared Chillhurst,a viscount and also known as the guradian of the book of treasure by his flamecrest family. Whereas the Lead lady, Miss. Olympia Wingfield makes a lot of research about foreign lands and gets her hand on this book of treasures through her Uncle Mr.Artemis from the shops of england. Jared tries to guard the book by being near Olympia and her family which has her 3 nephews and a housekeeper. But Jared is not at all interested in the Book of treasures but he is completely interested in Olympia and so he joins in her house as a tutor for her 3 nephews. At one point in time when she gets to know that Jared is a viscount she feels that he had deceived her inspite of sharing an intimate relationship with her. How she marries him and solves the mystery of the treasure is the rest of the storyline. As far as the read,this is definitely a slow poison! Well, its worth the time spent for this book.
Enjoy reading it!

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