Glory to India… Let this continue

Aug. 12, 2006
“My goal is to improve my performance, my technique, my execution while under stress. That is where the real satisfaction is, the real joy. I have the Olympic goal before me and I have the luxury of working on this for two years. When I concentrate on the process, the performance will be taken care of,” said Abhinav. “I believe in destiny. If I am destined to win, I will. If not, life goes on. The real joy and satisfaction is in the journey, knowing that you put in everything.”

Aug. 11,2008

“It can’t better than this. Can it?” an elated but composed Bindra said soon after achieving the feat.

“I sincerely hope my medal changes the face of India’s Olympic sports,” the bespectacled shooter told reporters.

“For me, life will go on as usual but I sincerely hope Olympic sports get a leg-up. It’s not a priority back home and I hope more focus is paid to these events like shooting”

“I entered the final as fourth, which means I had to go all out for it. That’s why I was so aggressive and it paid off in the end. I guess it was my day”

While browsing I found Abhinav’s blog and I have to say I enjoyed reading all the 5 posts. The guy with the best attitude… Expectations for the sports to gain a mark in the history. Hoping for more training centers to be established in India.

You cannot ask for a better attitude from your world champion.

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