Charging against innocence

The Assam Times reported, Weightlifter Monica Devi as on Saturday cleared off all doping charges by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). The clearance came after IOA found that the charges leveled against the athlete were false and an attempt to malign her image. After Monica Devi’s allegation that she was being framed, Manipur Chief Minister OkramIbobi Singh stepped in and approached the Prime Minister Office, thus paving the way for the weight lifter’s return.

The clearance brought momentary relief for the athlete; however, as the IOA said that it was too late for her to fly to Beijing.

According to the rules, the doping test results are supposed to be released 72 hours before the proposed departure of the participants to the host nation. In the case of Monika Devi this was not done. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and Sports Authority of India (SAI) did not publish any of her reports at the interviews either. They had sent Monika Devi’s report to the Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWF) on August 6th at 12.30 wherein her flight to beijing was at 3.30 pm. The IWF said that what ever happened was “procedural lapse” and they have to take up the responsibility for producing a false report. Monika pleaded her innocence but her voice was not heard. She even said, “Shoot me in public if I am guilty.”

The members(IOA and SAI) responsible for this careless act should be severely punished. Warning will have no effect.The sports officials are certainly involved in corruption. Our country has more than a billion people and I will not agree that people are not participating in sports. I accept that enough training is not being provided for the people out there. Rich or poor, the the goal is one so the treatment should be the same. Talent is everywhere. Find and provide enough support and courage. India will shine.

Shouldn’t the corporates and other public sectors who are keen enough to invest crores and crores of rupees in Cricket, invest at least lakhs in other games which needs to be uplifted? How much of concentration is involved when it comes to archery and shooting? Aren’t the athletes supposed to be fed properly??

Mark my words, if the people of India are treated equally and provided with infrastructure, fund, facilities and food,sports will reach its peak in India. Providing lovely grounds for the cricket team isn’t a great job. Right from the cap till the shoes the cricketers are sponsored by top branded companies. What about the athletes? Torn spikes and hunger hitting them. The fund provided for these sports events should be best used for the sports than for the officials themselves.

Only after winning a medal money happens to flow from so many sectors. Why is this being the case?? Because before earning a status, people or the money providing sectors are not aware of the star. Why not find the talents and provide them facilities so that their medal earning chances can rise up? Let things change and hoping to see a better India.

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