Glued to you

Pain engulfed me as I walked away from you,
You make me go weak-in-my-knees,
I wish you really knew how you make me feel,
I turned to look at you,
Walking away was on my mind,
But to be held by you was all I needed,
Looking at you I stood in fear,
Not knowing what to do,
World dimmed beside me,
Running away seemed the best way,
I knew words would fail me,
I knew my heart would fail me,
I knew you would see me through,
You held my hand making me stop,
The touch sent shivers in me,
Yes I wanted the world to stop,
Yet again God was showing me what love does to you,
Confirming the pain and love which held us together so long,
My eyes clearly in pain showed immense rudeness,

 Waiting for you to shower me with love,
Tell me not to walk out,

To close the gap that still remained, 
All I hoped for was for you to pull me near, 
Without a sign of hesitation hold me close,

Those tears waiting to be felt on the cheeks,
Making you feel every emotions waiting to burst,
Waiting for you to lift my chin and kiss my forehead,
Like you always do when I am down or very excited,
And bend down and look at my eyes,
which clearly states you are mine,
Before sealing my trembling lips,
With a golden kiss!

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