Blazing Fire

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When we sit and talk,
It is like a blazing fire,
Rising to the ceiling,
Slowly burning down every worry,
Provoking tears of joy,
Hidden safely in a burdened heart.
Life showed us each other,
At the most unexpected times,
With a thousand doubts we started a journey,
With that ray of hope shining so bright,
Breaking our walls, we have survived.
Though we don’t make the perfect lemonades,
When life throws lemons at us,
I am glad we love the ones we make,
With a spoon of sugar for me 
And a pinch of salt for you,
Making us understand our differences in the easiest way. 
Life is tough with you,
Since you make me strive harder,
By kicking up my sweetly sleeping soul,
With your sweet yet determined words,
That push me slowly out of my comfort zone,
And rise up to who I really want to be!
Thanking you is the hardest thing to do,
For no one can hate you and love you as much as I do,
In all the years I have known you,
And for many more that is to come,
I will be there by your side,
To annoy you and love you a bit more than  what I already do!

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