Have a nice day Nurse!!

How should I define a Nurse??

The cute angel who comes and helps the patient 24/7 with a cute smile which lights up the dull patient’s room. This is how I have seen in all the movies. But in reality it is a tedious and a critical job to be a nurse.

How much does she take care of herself??

She has enough time to spend for her patient but does she have the enough strength and the time for herself?

Scrubs is an excellent site that gives all tips for nurses to take perfect care of themselves. Starting with easing their mind to cleaning their nails to tips that’ll serve good for their personal lives as well are explained.

Hands are very important for a nurse. So it is very important that she takes care of it. Some tips like using a moistuizing cream at the right time and using correct shades of nail polishes so that she doesn’t look like a witch or a scary creature to the patient. Usage of light shades are advisable and using essential oils to keep her hand soft are mandatory.

Waking up as a bright and alert lady is ery important. She needs good sleep to make her look fresh and to make her feel comfortable in the environment. She should not feel frustrated with the patient.. So she needs to take immense care of herself.

The most important of all is her correct diet system and the layer she puts between her personal life and career. She should be able to make both her career foundation as well as her relationship foundation strong.. It is necessary for a nurse to live her life the right way! 🙂
The nurse’s way to good living!! 🙂


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