Kwizgiver’s June Writing Challenge: Day 20

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Talk about the first time learning about sex.

The first time I heard about Sex was at the “Sex Education” session in school. To the best of my knowledge,  it was between 8th and 10th standard. When the Convent sisters put up PowerPoint presentation explaining how ‘it’ happens in animals, my friends and I looked at each other and blushed. 

When the slide showed a man and a woman under covers, we were totally confused. We wanted to know what they were doing? It is not easily understandable like what the animals did. We looked at each other in a confused manner and just wondered “Why aren’t they showing clearly like the animals?” 😛

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I guess I was curious to know what happened there? After spending time with Nancy Drew and Famous Five, my mind was just trying to solve this mystery! Mystery of the Two People under cover! 😛

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