Luck by Chance – Lottery!

Do you believe in bare luck? 
Or can we call it absolute luck? 

It is all about luck or should I call it fortune,even that’s something that I am not pretty sure about when I ponder of luckydraws or in simple terms Lottery is gambling as they are called by any man on the face of the earth! 
How insane people can get over money surprises me when people end their lives in gaming hells and horse races and bumper prizes, i’m aware of my pretty short list. I’ve read in novels about gaming hells but I’ve personally seen people building castles in the air and having the best of discussions about what will they do if they happen to win the lottery atleast this time. Why don’t these be banned again forever so that people can start believing in the work they do and start living in reality rather than get themselves hooked in the most unreliable offers. The money some people spend over getting lotteries(remember, you can also receive them by post) definitely makes people like me to think how the hell can people spend money in such undisciplined fashion. Sometimes I feel like calling them losers but something makes me think that some people who don’t know how to cover their myriad debts try their hands in stuffs like this thinking either of these possibilities:either god is on their side or should the luck permit, they can live debt free. This thought makes me curse them more. Trying their luck once in a while is atleast acceptable. But depending only on it, is something that I wish to call as mere stupidity!

Lord! Save these people and make them understand the need to save money instead of spending it wild enough on things that are of the least importance.

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