Music on the Internet. A new Possibility.

There has always been a lot of activity in the music industry. I always wonder how the industry is going to handle the business of piracy with a lot of people getting to download free music from the net. It has always been in my mind.

I searched the web for good sites to download music from when i stumbled across Kerchoonz.

I got really interested in this site. It has a lot of music, videos, games, talk, fun and biz. The interesting part was that they allowed free downloads of featured artists. AND the artists were paid in return. This was something new for me. So i signed up for the site. Then i learnt the other good news. It was a social networking music destination site. It provided free music (streams plus downloads). The artists and labels get paid through the advertising revenue. I liked the music section a lot. It provided a lot of music of good quality. There is the unsigned chart, the indie chart and the hot 100 chart for downloading songs.

There is a referral scheme too. Artists and fans can make money. They can refer other artists and bands to the site. All you guys out there i would suggest you sign up for this great site offering free music to us fans and also paying the artists and labels.

I like this site and i would like all my blog readers to join the fun.


This is a great site to be a member of. You get to listen to a number of artists. When you bring your bands or refer bands and artists to this site you get to earn money.It offers free music to all its listeners. It is going to start a new music revolution.


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