My Johnson’s Story #ChooseGentle

I am excited to post about my experience at the cafe meet conducted for Chennai bloggers at Higginbotham Writer’s Cafe, Gopalapuram. I am grateful to be a part of such a beautiful gang and definitely I learnt so much from them. I am glad I participated in this event conducted by Johnson’s Baby India, promoted from Momspresso hosted by Prerna Wahi, she made it all better.

Women Power @ Writer’s Cafe, Gopalapuram
I met a delightful crowd. It was mostly mothers and they all shared their experiences of motherhood and how we have evolved because of it. I loved listening to each one’s introduction and admired the different facets they have as an individual. To me, that day meant a true revolution of women power. Obviously!  Isn’t that the reason Johnson’s came forward to share their products directly with mothers?
Prerna Wahi, Our delightful host
Initially when I was contacted by the host to participate in Johnson’s Baby products launch event, I was very apprehensive on why I was chosen. The thing is I don’t use Johnson’s products. I never trusted them especially after some news making rounds few years back. Personally I did not use any Johnson’s products even though I was suggested by a dermatologist for my sensitive skin. After my baby girl was born, my grandmother and my mother insisted I use Johnson’s. Trust me I never touched any of those hampers.  They are still lying around in my house. How do you think I would try something on my sweet little child’s skin when I don’t trust it?
Me, entering with doubts filled.
When I told my mother that I am going to the Johnson’s launch event she laughed at me. Yes, she very clearly knew that I wouldn’t budge easily. I chose to go because the new Johnson’s had beautiful advertisements. I wanted to know what was really NEW about them. I also wanted to know how much have they worked for people to trust them again. A 130 year old brand will definitely do something right to capture the hearts of people once again. I wanted to know what they did right for people to talk about them again. I came to know about many people who stood by the brand even during its hardest times. There was so much love for this brand that has brought this product back strongly into the market again.
Baby Tasneem, launching the products
Interestingly, I reached the venue by 10:30am, the allotted time. Yes, Ilakkiya was in safe hands and I was surprised that I had taken this chance without worrying about her. Since this is my first blogger meet/ Cafe meet / meet in general I was beyond excited about it. By 11 half of the crowd was already there. We started introducing ourselves to one another and conversations started building up slowly. We followed each other in Instagram and our social media notifications was flooding. Prerna and Richa officially started the meeting and it began with a bang.

Tasneem and Jameela

The highlight of this meet were the NEW Johnson’s products, but to me, it was the 9 month old Baby Tasneem. Her mother Jameela tried the products on her skin and her baby’s skin without any fear. She was glad to try it and the products definitely attracted the little one.

Deep discussions.

Coming back to us, it was more of a conversation between mothers than a meeting. My apprehensions started to melt away slowly by the middle of the meeting. After all, I was hearing some real news from real people. Maybe I never trusted the advertisement except for the factor that it was fascinating, we know that is how it must be, right? But, here I was sitting with 10+ mothers who had the same kind of  worries I had in providing good things for their children. That is one of the prime reasons my apprehensions melted quickly than I thought possible. They clearly stated about removing 26 allergens that were used earlier and mostly included natural derivatives because people prefer them nowadays.

NEW Johnson’s

Don’t we all search for the following tags in every product whether we know what they mean or not?
?No Parabens
?No pthalates
?No sulphates
?No dyes
After introducing Organic variety this has become very common norms in everyday products. Johnsons has joined the race to make things better for it’s customers. With 8000+ clinically proven tests and 12 months of guidance on what Ingredients must be added to each of the products, Johnson’s is very clear this time. These products can be used for every newborn right from day one. Since my daughter is now 16 months old, I am thinking about shifting my perspective towards Johnson, I am willing to give it a try. I personally love their milk and rice cream which improved the texture of my skin in a few hours. More on the products when I personally use it.

My best moments at the meet!

When asked to write a tagline, I wrote the following,

With Johnsons,
I was initially judgemental,
Now I am on the verge of choosing gentle.

#choosegentle #johnsonsbabyindia

P. S. When I was home after the meet, I watched the advertisements with my dad. My grandmother was delighted to use the NEW Johnson’s. The best part is that Ilakkiya applied it on her great grandmother, grandma and grandpa. She just made it all easy for me to choose. Baby Video on Insta Highlights

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