No one can ever replace school teachers!

Spending a lot of time in the playground saying its sports time and just trying to sneak into many classes to pull out gals for practice sessions and having to roam to every single class to get permission for students right from age 5 to 16 has been such a wonderful experience and yes that was before 4 years.. Just before the sports the number of meetings held thereby calling the house teachers and the school head girl and school games captain to be a part of every house meeting are really something that flashed upon my inward eye when I went to my school sports today! Being a proud alumni of St.Ursula’s, Church park, I was very proud to be a part of the sports day held today (the July 26th ’08) in the school playground! The immense pleasure I got in meeting all my friends and still fighting like kids for each others team is something that we have always enjoyed doing.. The number of funny photos we still take and the way we shout to cheer our team.. Should really say a lot about the teachers who have really moulded us well. Still I find them talking with us with the same enthusiasm and encouraging me and all my friends to do well and they also suggest about stuffs tat we can do.. They’ve always been a lot encouraging and the most beautiful thing about my school teachers is that they have a cute smile on their face which not only brightens our day but makes us to be more cheerful.. One such teacher is Mrs.Shyamala Fernando and Ms.J.Shyamala.. I should really thank both teachers for being a great support throughout my school days! Mrs. Stanley is such a lady everyone will remember. She is such a sincere woman and her Tamil classes were simple amazing as she always has many info to share with students. Similarly considering my dramatics and other house events none other than Mrs.Tesy and Mrs.Mary Madgaline will come to my mind! My god such great teachers. They have helped us so much during the dramatics. So much of patience and being calm and composed always.. Where on earth could anyone find teachers like them! Kudos to you teachers. Proud to be a ursuline!

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