Rewind – May 2016

May is the month that has had a fair share of good and bad news for me. Some of the best and worst moments have happened in May. From this month, I have decided to start “Rewind – A replay of the month that went by”

I love and hate May.

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My fiancée surprised me with my birthday gift well ahead of time. It’s a Laptop! 😀 It all started when my cousin sister asked me what I want from the UK since she will be here in a month from now. My desktop broke down recently and I stayed away from my regular freelancing and most of my work from my Smartphone. It was difficult and it strained my eyes that I was restless and sleepless. I felt frustrated half the time. Without much ado, I asked my cousin to buy me a Laptop. She agreed and I was happy. I informed my fiancée about this and he told me that a laptop without International Warranty is of no use. He tried to give various excuses and it confused me because he knows how much I need a Laptop at this moment. I was totally disagreeing with him and told I won’t tell her to cancel my order. That’s when he told me he was planning a surprise and now I broke the suspense. I was blushing and couldn’t reply anything. I immediately informed my sister and she totally agreed. Within 2 days time, my fiancée came home with the Laptop. He informed my parents and asked them to keep his visit a secret. On the 29th of May, he came home and gifted me this Laptop and I am writing my first post from it! 🙂

Today I fought with him. I see how misunderstanding leads to negative thinking and spilled words cannot be taken back. Sorry has very little meaning to it after incidents like this. As I write this down today, I deeply regret what I spoke to him over the phone. I accept the frustration I put myself in and as I analyse how I could have handled it, I see it’s all down the drain. Instead I just choose to accept my mistake so I can move on and work on my anger more sincerely.

Now that I have accepted, I am moving to one of the most exciting projects of this month. It’s the brochure that I wrote for a friend. I was nervous but completely willing to learn about this new venture. It worked well and both were happy at the end of the project. However, I was super-excited after completing it.

With little money showing up from freelancing, I have decided to revamp my wardrobe. Well, I don’t really have one! I have always preferred comfortable clothing and have not moved an inch out of my comfort zone. As a result, my wardrobe ages back in the 2000’s. Yes, I haven’t gained much weight over time! As I move towards keeping fit, I need vibrant clothing to keep me going.

April was a month of two big losses. My school friend passed away after fighting a tumor for 6 years. It troubles me to think about her loss, but what keeps me going is her smiling face, her confidence and her cheerfulness. She reminds me “Life is to Live and not cry!”

The other loss is of my pet who was just 7 months old and passed away due to Distemper. She is a reminder of how female dogs suffer in a society like ours. Every person who came to our house had given only one suggestion, “Sterilize the Dog” and that killed her.

Death and loss teaches us lessons that life doesn’t.

I attended First Degree Reiki Session last weekend and I feel lighter than before. I was hesitant to attend it, but the two-day session is more of Self-Acceptance and I needed it very much. The simple concept of “Managing Yourself” is all every art talks about. It’s a week since I attended the sessions, but I don’t spend 1.5 hours for myself everyday, but the days I spend 1.5 hours have been different from the ones that I don’t.  How much time do I really spend for myself? is a question that I ask myself more than before.

May 22nd, I love you! 😉 4 years already! 😛

There were days I was down,
There were days I was super-excited,
There were days I was happy,
There were days I was sad,
But there was not a day I spent without thanking God to where he has brought me and how he has made my life better!

Overall, this month has helped me understand myself better!

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My birthday is just two weeks away! I love that about June!

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