Monthly Challenge #2: WORKOUT THIS APRIL

I finally finished my first 30-day challenge and I admit it feels amazing. There has not been one challenge in my past which I bothered to take up. This year is slowly becoming special to me in many ways. My very first 30-day challenge was a March Savings Challenge and this post is almost like polishing my skills to lead a better life.

Now, I am moving towards the next important phase of my life. I have ample time to make my life better! The next task that tops my list after marriage plans is FITNESS(Yes, all in caps, because I postponed it as much as I could and finally agreed to give up my excuses and start working out). I am finally gearing up to work on myself. My stamina is slowly improving and I feel lighter than before just after 2 weeks.

My challenge for this month is 30-day Plank Challenge.

30 Day Plank Challenge!

The various versions are as below:

Basic Plank

Modified Plank – Jumping Jacks

Reverse Plank

I am going to rock with this challenge! 🙂

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