#WednesdayVerses: Wings on Fire

This is where I walk to,
When I have so much to do,
But I am left with no clue,
On how to take things through.

Life is very demanding,
It takes a lot of understanding,
To live it astounding,
I must keep expanding.

As I lie down and question why,
I see the bright stars shining in the sky,
Colors add beauty I cannot buy,
Gave me a feel that it is all worth another try.
The swing under this big tree,
Lets my thoughts flow free,
As I fly higher, my doubts clear,
Setting my wings again on fire!

The chill breeze tingling my face,
Reminds me that I must embrace,
All that I am and all that I will be,
Just to set my spirits free.

A renewed energy finds its way inside me,
Letting dubious thoughts flee,
A free spirited me,
Finally opens this heavy lock with a key!

Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.

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