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#WednesdayVerses: What to name it?

I never thought it will be this way,
It is a fresh hurt that will stay,
I believed it was an unsaid promise,
For true sisters share a shoulder,
And willingly know what’s wrong,
And make us feel this is where we belong!

We don’t always get back what we give,
That’s one thing we learn while we live,
It doesn’t matter how good you were to them, 
Irrespective of whose mistakes or situations,
If you are silent one day due to some reason,
I will assure you that you will be ignored.

Comfort is a luxury for some,
Whereas for others it is offered free,
 People like them rarely recognize,
The hard work put by someone,
To hold things together,
Without making it all one step bitter.

I don’t believe prayers will come true,
If you cannot be kind to the person next to you,
Talk it out, if you want to change,
Even a smile can change things,
But that is never to be seen from you,
You don’t know to value a real relationship in your life!

There is also no value to the money
You give without a smiling face,
Some people may praise you in the front,
But talk behind, things you don’t want to hear, 
You must really wake up and see,
 People who really care for thee.

We have been kind enough,
To spread our wings and bring you close,
You neither realize it nor understand it,
But you don’t seem to bother even a bit,
When you realize that fake colors fade soon, 
You will know the things you missed!

I learnt life is such,
People will talk to you,
Only if you talk to them,
There is no value for a relationship,
How close you were doesn’t matter,
Only Pride and ego does!

Prompt:  Color

Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.


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Reema D'souza

The emotions are so beautifully expressed. Thanks for linking up with #WednesdayVerses 🙂


Thanks a lot Reema


You have such a way with words!