Tat’s the One-IMPULSE

Wow!!! The taste of Big Apple and the scent of caramel and jasmine. These are the fragrances that I adore. I enjoy using Impulse… It makes me feel great n bubbly and fresh.. The limited edition versions of IMPULSE New-York and Paris are indeed the two set of fragrances that I have enjoyed!! I use them for parties with friends but I use Emotion de pierre cardin when its a eve with my beloved…. *blushing*

Have you watched the movie Perfume:The story of a murderer. This is the first thing that striked me when I saw this topic!! 🙂 I just remembered the curiosity of Jean Baptiste Grenouille to give the best fragrances to his master in order to learn the art of keeping the smell!! 🙂 Some parts of the movie are really good..

Well after visiting perfume blog I have some more choices added to my list of perfumes that I should try out!!! Many of them have tried their hands on many perfurmes and listed their experience there on it! SO enjoy reading it and list out your favorites too!!! 🙂

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