Thankful Day 1

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Food, Clothing and Shelter are the basic necessities for all Human beings! 

I have never known hunger till I was at home with my parents,  
I was happy with the comfortable clothing my parents bought for me before I started earning,
I have not lived in a rented place till date except for travelling out on work projects!

I am thankful for..
My wonderful parents 
They have struggled to make both ends meet,
They have always pointed out right from wrong without pampering me too much,
My mother used to stay up all night when I was sick in bed during most of my annual leave,
My father has spent his hard-earned money for my hospital bills,
They scold me when I commit mistakes, but they are the first ones to shed tears when they know I have realized my mistake,
I have fought with them a lot, 
We used to disagree a lot before,
I have crossed the time when I thought my parents would never understand me to the time where I understand my parents and their struggles!

They have always been my worst critics and my best friends! 

My parents and I still have disagreements, but now we have chosen to openly share suggestions without judging each other! Tough, but worth it every bit!

Pass on the thankfulness!

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