The Body Shop(TBS): Hemp Lip Protector/Conditioner For Your Dark And Chapped Lips

“I have dark lips”, isn’t this a common statement?

I was clueless about what should I do to lighten the color of my dark lips. I have read a lot of blogs and seen a lot of videos for the same. Everything is loaded with tips and I am confused as to which one to follow once in a while. During my search, I found about hemp lip protector, now known as hemp lip conditioner from The Body Shop. Before a couple of months was my first purchase from TBS, it’s the Vitamin E lip balm with SPF-15. I liked this purchase because my chapped lips is much better than before. Personally, I am not a fan of vanilla but I chose to try it because it was in the tube.

Hemp lip protector is packed in the color of hemp and has a lovely fragrance. I love to smell it once in a while. It is light on my lips and I DONT have to keep my lips apart like I have applied lipstick.

Who can use Hemp Lip Protector?

* If you have chapped or extremely dry to dry lips you can give it a try. I consume a maximum of 2 liters of water every day. That makes my lips better but since there are times when I cannot drink water during travel or at meetings. I prefer to apply this before it.

* If you like a light and colorless lip balm and enjoy the glossy lips, you can try this.

* Anybody who is contemplating over which TBS product to buy, you can give it a start with this one.

* Personally, I apply this lip balm over my wrists once in a while to enjoy smooth skin

* If you go by fragrance, you can try both the vitamin e and hemp for almost the same price and purpose at the store before you buy.

Give it a try and to tell how it works for you!

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