SundayStealing: That Alphabet Thing Meme

Sunday Stealing Meme: That Alphabet Thing

A: Accent — 
Indian, Chennai Tamilian
B: BreakfastPongal and some white bread!
C: Chore you hateCleaning! 😛
D: Dad’s nameGo-win-the-Rajan (:P) 
E: Essential everyday itemAt this moment Mobile phone
F: Flavor ice creamBlackcurrant
G: Gold or silverBoth!
H: HometownChennai
I: InsomniaOnly when I am stressed, thankfully not now.
J: Job titleTest Lead
K: KidsI love them till they start crying!
M: Mother’s birthplace Chennai
N: Number of significant othersAfter a bit of trial and error, finally found the 1!
O: Overnight hospital stays I am allergic to hospitals
P: Phobia Of Heights
Q: Quick atWriting
R: Religious affiliationBelieve in God
S: SiblingsYounger Sister
T: Time you wake upStruggle at 5:45 AM in the morning to catch the 6:45 AM Bus. Otherwise, 8 maybe!
U: Unnatural hair colorsWould love to try Burgandy or like the Red haired Weasley! 😀
V: Vegetable you refuse to eatBittergourd
W: Worst habitProcrastination and Over-thinking
X: X-raysMy mom’s latest was the heel spur, it scared me after my sister’s head scan
Y: YummyEverything mother cooks
Z: Zodiac signGemini, so much for liking twins! 🙂

Let’s continue stealing!

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