ThursdayTreeLove~1 : The Last Week of Winter

I’ve been thinking to participate in Parul’s Thursday Tree Love since 2020, but I’ve missed it. Finally, in 2021, I’m happy to be a part of this lovely photo feature. I am excited to share some photos I’ve collected this past year!

Daffodils amidst Trees in Winter denoting the last week of Winter
Last Week of Winter

The Last Week of Winter

The earth rustles back to colour
As Winter paves way to Spring.
I’ve seen all seasons in a new country,
As we step into this season of Spring.

School began last Autumn,
When leaves changed colours in this tree.
As Winter came close,
The tree was bare as can be.

Schools reopened after Winter Lockdown
Delighting our walks with these blooms.
As I walk to my daughter’s school
We walk back smiling at the Daffodils.

The colors of Spring brightens me
Cheers me to look to New Beginnings
As cold winds changed to bright sunshine
Winter clearing it’s way to Spring.

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10 Comments on “ThursdayTreeLove~1 : The Last Week of Winter”

  1. I love that shot, the leafless trees and your words. Goes so well. I’m so excited you decided to join Thursday Tree Love! Welcome!
    The next edition will be time tomorrow (8th). I’d love to see you around.

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