Wall E

Pixar has taken animation to a whole new level with Wall-E. A few minutes into the movie and you quite forget that every frame portrays a make-believe world and that the cute wide-eyed lonely creature that’s tugging at your heart is just a sketch!
The movie is set way into the future – at a time where humans have fled the earth and all that remains is gigantic piles of junk. And the only living thing on this deserted planet is a squat, droopy, binocular-eyed robot, Wall-E [with the voice of Benjamin Burtt]. He is the last of his kind. He and others like him were created and sent to earth on a clean up mission – to rid the earth of harmful pollutants. But over the years, the task grew insurmountable and soon his companions lost out. However, Wall-E is relentless. He goes about his job with a religious sincerity, hopeful that it will one day pay off.

And then one day Wall-E meets Eve [with the voice of Elissa Knight]. Years of living on earth has given the hard-working robot almost human emotions. Eve is a frictionless white pod with cathode-ray eyes who’s been sent to earth to search for organic life. When the two meet, it’s love at first sight! They don’t talk, exactly, but they hold hands and burble each other’s names – love transcends all barriers, doesn’t it!

Wall-E is not all gloom. The movie touches every emotion. One moment you are dabbing a tissue at your eyes because he’s moved you to tears, another moment you’re repeating the action, but this time it’s because you’ve laughed so hard! Wall-E is a lovely adventure on the surface, but a social satire when you delve deeper. It’s the story of a robot that reminds humans there is much more to life than microchips and binary codes. Wall-E, with all its cuteness, humour and romance, is a bid to us humans to wake up and LIVE life, not just pass through it.

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