Wall Hanger

where do you think is the Central Processing Unit placed??
The entire CPU is SQUEEZED into the monitor….. :O

This is designed by INDIAN ENGINEERS!! 🙂

ZENITH computers ltd., has introduced this stylish and comfortable PC, Smart Style PC. They can be hung on the wall or fitted on a table top or placed up-right on a desk.

Its configuration details:
* Dual core INTEL processor
* 1 GB RAM
* 80 GB HDD(Hard Disk)
Additional Features:
* built-in speakers
* full networked environment
* wireless slots

* There is no DVD/CD drive.
But they’ve kept a slot in the display casing to include DVD burner for home users. They can use an external TV tuner and hang the system in the place they wish and watch movies or surf net at peace…

ZENITH computers executive director Devita saraf unveils the smart style PC.. 🙂

OOPS.. Forgot to tel about the cost..

Well ppl its affordable..
Its cost is 20000..
Tat looks like its time has come!!

with space constraint and size being a issue in electronic products, this PC has will surely make a mark!! VERY CLEVER INDIANS!!

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