Where’s your future?

Paying the bills before due date is something my dad and I seldom do. It really puts us under stress and increases our usual payment at least by 30%. This results in loss of my pocket money also. During my college days I had great trouble in paying my bills. My parents hardly remembered about the bills as they had so many other things to think and manage about. Though the basic needs were in control, at a particular point in time we felt like things will be out of control in few days which might result in:
1. Skipping parties and counting every penny we spend.
2. Going out on a trip with family will drop down to a great extent.
3. usual shopping of 3 to 4 times will reduce to just once in a year.
4. Taking up other jobs will neither give satisfaction nor money but with a lot of tension and other nervous disorders included.
5. With prices shooting up using either bike or car will be almost prohibited.

Bankruptcy was tormenting us. Credit card debt was our only thought for some days.

When we sincerely started thinking about it we felt like crying after which we were introduced to bills.com. I should really say that my parents were somewhat relieved after knowing about their current position. Debt consolidation is something to be considered as a forefront factor and advice from the best people will do better things and bills.com did it for us. Debt relief , could not think of a better relief. For Debt help seek advice from the best people and so go for bills.com.

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  1. hey
    i too have not got any money
    try payperpost also
    i tried once
    they said they will pay me 20 dollars
    but yet to’;
    i hopeu have a pay pal account
    next time try to send u r email id
    why no new posts?
    bye for now

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