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This question is always the first I am asked and also looked down upon for the same. Many think having a dog at home is about status. I know few who want us to get rid of our dogs for good. I don’t understand what trouble they have caused my “well-wishers” other than being a stray. I am asked many strange questions because of having two stray pets at home. The weirdest is that people ask me if I don’t have the money to buy a new pet, precisely a superior breed dog, I can’t really stop laughing nowadays. Earlier, I used to argue about this to them. Now I learnt, money can’t buy love! Ain’t that true?
My father is a very compassionate person. He has never failed to help animals and birds that come to our house. We are lucky to wake up to the sound of birds chirping.
Similarly, not a grain of food gets wasted in our house. We have so many birds and animals to give it to. In our stay of almost 7 years in my present house, my father has helped many dogs and birds. We have had lovely as well as saddening experiences with birds and dogs because of my father.
When we first moved here after living in a joint family for almost two decades, my sister and I were totally lost. I started working by then and I managed the stress a little. However, my little sister had finished her 12th and was at home trying to enjoy her holidays, but couldn’t. We ran about finding classes to enroll ourselves into, but couldn’t find any. That’s when our neighbor’s dog had delivered almost 6 pups. Yes, we were not just delighted, but we literally fell in love with those pups. My sister used to visit them and loved playing in their terrace with the pups.
My father wasn’t taking this well. He knew we wanted a pet, but he clearly said that’s a lot of work and he hasn’t got the time to sit and care for the dog. We were so excited that we promised him we will take care and we wouldn’t trouble him. He said let’s see. My neighbor’s daughter brought all the 6 pups to our home.  Though we agreed initially, my sister and I wasn’t sure how my father would react. When we saw our father excited and bent down to play with them we were amazed. That evening he shared stories of his life as a kid with pets. That will be a separate Post for sure.
The pup we planned to adopt was the youngest of all. He was super cute and we loved him at first sight. We liked all the pups! Since we didn’t have the space we couldn’t adopt them. That was the first time as a family with a pet. So we were on cloud nine for just one pet.
Countless people came over and admired our pet until they knew he was a stray. It hurt us to know people behave differently. Anyway, we didn’t bother about what others said about us or the dog. Sure it was a difficult journey and still once in a while is. When people really talk about good breed dogs, they actually mean toy dogs. My preference has never been a toy dog. I have loved guard dogs and nowadays many people leave their dogs in the streets if they shift houses or if they are going abroad. So it doesn’t make a difference about buying a dog for 25000 rupees and leave it dying in the streets. Isn’t that how “good” breed dogs also become stray?
My first 5 tweets about stray dog facts will tell you the reasons why stray is the best to adopt. Growing up in the streets let’s them know the world better.
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