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A recent incident made me understand this quote in a better way! 

As I walked back from a nearby grocer’s shop, I saw a man parking his car a little before my house. He reversed the car and parked it right in front of my house. I knocked the door like a warning and went forward and told him to park it in the parking space just a few meters behind. 

The reply came immediately. “I will move the car after I finish the work at the xerox shop. It would not take me even a few minutes.”

I replied, “I am waiting for a bike to come now. Please move it!” My reply wasn’t strong though!

His another excuse was,”Just a little time! Very less indeed!”

The frustration in my expressions was visible now. I just told, “What’s the use of keeping a board outside? Don’t you guys ever read?”

The kid next to him looked at me and I didn’t want to create a scene there.

I just walked in without waiting to listen to any other words. 


I was thinking about this incident in the evening when I was preparing for CSE exams. I asked myself, 

Why were my words not effective in this particular incident?

I was not ready to tell him the harsh truth. I controlled myself from exploding even though I knew what I was about to tell was right.

What were the words I really wanted to say?

I really wanted to say, 

Sir, Do you see the board,”No Parking in front of the gate?” It’s there for a reason

“Move it back, You are setting a bad example for your kid without being aware of it.”

“Why are you giving an excuse when all you need to do is move the car back by just 20 meters”

“Sir, All you need to do is listen to what I am saying first before giving your excuse!”


I realized the change I need to see in me. I have just started my preparation for one of the toughest examinations in India, but I love the first impact it has stirred in me.

There is one famous dialogue that I remember at this moment,

“Bad guys aren’t worried about doing mistakes, but good people worry so much to face the fury after doing good deeds.”

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Till date, I only regret the moments where I have oppressed my thoughts and feelings. Not once do I regret the moments where I have been open and clear about my choices even if I was the only one who believed it. 

Finally, Isn’t standing up for myself and my beliefs is the first change that Gandhi had mentioned in that quote in a beautiful way?

This quote confirmed my belief!

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What’s the change that you are willing to see in you?

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  1. Truly! Standing up for oneself is indeed the most important change one has to make. A lot of injustice can be avoided if only people didn't keep mum at the right moment. The fear residing in us comes in the way though. It's nice that you got this insight and shared the same, it must be known to all that we need our voices to be heard.

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