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What Is Life Without A Valuable Teardrop

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Suddenly all the sad 
songs was also about us,
The thought makes me smile now 
and not cry anymore,
Maybe love is all about the finding oneself 
in that depth of loneliness and 
not just in the laughter and happiness,

Love is something that disillusions 
us only to illusion life again,
Love defies time,
Love defies every dimension that exists,
Love is when everyone understands your sadness,
 but not your silence..
Love is when you stand in front of God to pray for everyone,
but personally you do not have a prayer for yourself.

Love is that single teardrop from the corner of the eye 
that comes when you are deeply missed,
Love is that broad smile that comes when I see you 
that makes me forget 
all the time spent alone.

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Human beings need someone in their life. At least a person to ask occasionally, how one feels now. What’s your say on it?


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