A step outside home!

I am writing this post before I step out of the house for our first trip tomorrow morning. I better keep it short. I am not just excited, but completely bizarre. Discussions were on from a long time to plan a trip and it never materialized. I guess we are the types who stay put until we completely burnout ourselves and look at each other longingly and say, “Let’s go!”
Well, though that has happened in the past, just talking about going out on a trip has kept us away from being as well as feeling miserable. So, that’s how our discussions begun. I believed this is yet another conversation “under the stars” which would help us move on with our mundane life by the time we finish it.
As I type this out, I am still waiting to be pinched and told, this is real! We are really going out. As a couple we like travelling and always wanted to travel to as many places as we could. However, all that one thinks never happens because we don’t put that effort towards what we love and put forth the need of others above everything. That isn’t wrong either as far as we are aware of our feelings and give them their due. So, that’s the beginning of this trip.
Sudden surprises to family always brings tons of doubts. After all the whys and hows, my parents wished us to have a great time. Yes, they know it’s been ages since we went out on a trip. Except for the Kumbakonam trip last month, in which they accompanied us. Though we still have many pending questions to be answered, I am keeping it all aside and thinking about our trip.
After all, we didn’t want to postpone it any longer that we made this quick and sudden decision to fly away. As with Ilakkiya, I am not sure how this is going to be on her, but I am only glad she will not miss the sun at all. She loves the cool weather (who doesn’t? Especially when it’s the Chennai heat waves) and hopefully she will enjoy Munnar.
Yes, it’s Bodi and Munnar as of now on our itinerary. I am just waiting to take those steps out of the house and start the journey. Gotta sleep. Do you think I will?

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