Mad March Moments #GratitudeCircle

March was Mad, actually madder than I can say about it. I will keep the glitches simple since I have sincerely vowed to myself to complain less. I have had enough of complaining that a quarter has already left me drained. I realized one mustn’t just have a strong head on the shoulder, but a sensible one too. Though I have a strong one, this month I figured out it has become a little lame. It was ON ATTACK MODE for the last 31 days. Glad, I didn’t sit and write this post in March. Strong emotions came out in the month of March. Somehow when I am hurt about something, anger is the first and fastest way to express myself. I became aware of it, this March, though after a couple of personal incidents. Still, I am only glad I learned my lessons.
I didn’t journal this month. I actually feel bad about it. I did not make the time to sit and write. If there is one thing I am happy about this month, it’s the blog. I am glad I typed in whenever I could and published a few more posts than I had actually planned. Didn’t I tell you, writing makes it all worth it? I am sure you guys know it better! Though it wasn’t like journalling, I am only happy I expressed what I felt every now and then on my blog through poems. I thank my blog for always being the space I share my experience with and to friends who read through the posts and provide more motivation.
Ilakkiya had cold at the beginning of the month, just like the last one, but this one due to change in weather. She isn’t able to bear the Chennai heat waves. Well, it hasn’t started yet and she is already feeling tired. She loves watermelons, banana and chikoo. So this is helping her a bit. She is moving around a lot this month and that is also a primary reason this post is up very late. Anyway, she is growing up and I am trying to freeze certain moments!
Reading helped a bit this month, but Ilakkiya was the one who looked at my books more than me. She wants to either keep them in her mouth or tear pages. Well, can’t allow both since I borrow it from my local library. Anyway, she loves playing with pages and I love to watch her do it. Only to the point till she turns evil and tears it.
Mom’s birthday was a small surprise that came in the middle of the month. A gala time with family. Since T was on travel for the first half of the month, I wasn’t able to visit or stay at Mom’s place this month. Visiting her on the birthday was a surprise and it turned out to be a better evening than what we had planned.
Our road trip to Kumbakonam is another surprise this month. We had doubts on how Ilakkiya was going to manage this summer trip, but we figured out she loves trips. I guess I must write a whole new post just about her activities. That must be fun. My parents accompanied us in this trip to temples. T and I have found this new joy in visiting ancient temples after knowing a lot about it’s history and the purpose of the temple. Somehow learning more about the temple made this visit more enjoyable. We didn’t just tour around, but we spoke a lot about various temples and their histories and how exactly HRNC works. When it comes to talks about God, there will always be conflicting information, but if we are only visiting the place to explore more about it, information flows more freely keeping aside differences. I enjoyed this trip and I loved every bit of it. Thanks to friends who take the effort to learn so much history and also share it with us.
I didn’t bother much about walking or personal health before 2 years. I walked a minimum of 4 to 5 kilometers everyday without tracking too. I didn’t have a perfect figure, but I felt healthy without any second thoughts. I am overthinking about health this year. As the little one is growing up, I feel my energy drains quickly than ever. I hardly walk, well, I hardly do anything for myself. I am with her all the time. Trust me, I am not complaining. She is now moving around and I am all worked up. As already stated, I finish my work only when the little one sleeps. My work has piled up and I am only busy with her chores. I like finishing her work all by myself, so it’s more like a routine for me, but sure it takes most of my day. Anyway, she is growing, she needs me and that’s something I love about this little bud. Coming back to the health thing, I have pledged to start with a regular 2000 steps at least. I know it’s very less, but it’s okay. That small sense of accomplishment is right now needed for me to build a routine around myself.
March brought out the best and the bad the in me. I realized that during some incidents this month. Anyway life is learning, though I love some of the lessons it has taught me, there are a few more that I am learning to love.
I am only happy I wrote this down! How was your March guys? I am late to ask this, but here I come to read your posts!
Joining Vidya’s Gratitude Circle.

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4 Comments on “Mad March Moments #GratitudeCircle”

  1. I enjoyed reading about your March. My March started out both sad and happy at the same time. I had a beautiful trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. I saw dear friends… but I went to a funeral for someone who died too young. In March, I went to a series of luncheons, sponsored by the local churches, and each week, a different topic related to justice, was presented. I learned a lot, and that was good.

  2. I can see that you have your hands full. What I really like is your candidness and that you chose to highlight the positives of the month. It's a good thing because ranting is easy for all of us. Isn't it. Loved knowing you a little more and have I told you before that I love your girl's name. It's a beautiful one!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by, Alice. I am glad you had a good month. I see somehow March was a bit of a sad start for many of us in various ways. So much learning in so many different ways. Happy April.

  4. Thanks so much Parul. Oh yes, and when we get a partner to rant, that's the best day!! ?
    Yes, you have told me already that Ilakkiya is such a beautiful name. And I am glad you like it so much. ?

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