A tale of two buses

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”
— Jawaharlal Nehru.

Personal time is something i’ve longed for right from my school days. No family, no friends, no strangers, none at all. Only me! All alone in a not-so-familiar place. Or maybe even in any one of the rooms in our house,if this is what i get. Never in my lifetime till my college days was I ever alone. People, people everywhere!!! But still I managed to convince my dad to join in a college that was 40 kms away from my house, so that i could spend the that time as a solitary traveller. I wasn’t imagining the best of things to happen in my bus, except for ragging,even that dint happen! 🙁

 But, I happened to find my soul sisters out there!!! And that’s the end of my i-will-try-to-be-silent-hereafter oath to my mom!!! 😀 Not a single day were we silent after that. There were situations where we’ve fought!! Those are the times we took to realize our mistakes. College bus was total fun. We 5 gals(J,Mal,Meens,Reje and Jay(Me)) enjoyed our travelling thoroughly.. These are the memories that will be cherished forever!! J’s favorite path used to be the avadi junction! All the greenary and the lovely curve of the roads!! The bustle on the roads were comparatively less as the annoying noise of the horns used to be from bus drivers doing it on purpose to overtake and irritate the other!! We did everything from playing name,place,animal and things and DumbC to drawing EG sheets in the bus to discussing some GD topics now and then!!! Huh, Missing those dayz!!! All our fights are also memorable, esp the one on J’s bday!! Sorry J! We had lotz a plans but everything was spoiled coz of our craziness!! 🙁

These memories keep re-iterating like some slogans in my mind when i moved to MCity(The place where i work).. Travelling 2 hrs to and fro with not a soul to talk to made me feel extremely lonely.. 3 out of 5 were placed in the same Organization! We became best of pals during our training days in Mysore! Finally came the posting, 2 of us(J and Me) in Chennai and the one gal,Mal in Pune. We had some hope as some of Mal’s pals were in Pune then. Whenever we spoke, one thing was very clear. We had other friends but nothing the same as our group. I found many ways to pass the time in the bus! (For almost a year, i dint sleep in the bus!!!). Used to watch the taking off and the landing of flights here @ Meenambakkam airport (I used to crane my neck to see it and I still love watching it!). I dint mind craning my neck to check out the flights, coz there was not a soul to bother me when i do that(fast asleep!! :D).. What more freedom can you get!!! We gals started “conferencing” to get rid off the annoying travelling time.. But not all of us were free and half our talks used to be amidst of interruptions!! So we used to msg each other but otherwise started spending the time on our own!! But that’s when i kept seeing so many things that I am not tired off til date!! When the bus is on top of the Meenambakkam bridge, I love watchin the amazing scene where the flight takes off and a train crosses the thrishool station jus on the road parallel to the airport!! The DLF, Olympia building, people crossing the road even when the cop shouts at them! Some cops bribing the Lorry drivers shamelessly, an old-couple walkin and talking near the k.k nagar park! Huh, in life atleast at some point of time we need to be alone to really learn certain things! Self-realization happens at that point!!! The travelling and the thinking continues!!!! 🙂

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