Back to blogging!

It’s been sometime since I posted something.. I should say I really needed some kind of break before doing more of blogging.. I was quite obsessed with blogging and so I needed sometime off for my family and friends. Now i am feeling nice and fine so that i thought of blogging about more stuffs.. 🙂
Well so many things to blog about, particularly with KUSELAN to be released tomorrow, most of the theatres are already house full! The story might be a striking part but considering the reel politics even with the possible future leader is really bothering me. Rajini has sought Karnataka’s help for his movie to be released in their theatres without any trouble. He is trying to persuade the Kannada film association for his talk against them during the Hogenakkal issue.. Isn’t this more like cheating the Tamil Nadu people. His vast fan crowd will surely be upset.. I am really upset about this.. 🙁

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