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Nisha’s blog on Pregnancy and parenting is surely an eye-opener to many mothers including my sister who is waiting for her first child:) I enjoyed reading the blog as it has a lovely article about mouth watering recipes and I am planning to try whole wheat pancakes! The other interesting thing about this blog is the author’s interest in choosing apt pictures for her blog. It goes really well with the posts. I enjoyed singing the lullabies as it reminded me of my early days. One of the must visit mommy blogs!

Keep going with the nice work nisha!

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One Comment on “best parenting blog!”

  1. Jay, thanks so much for the review:)

    Actually i had written a reviw on this blog, so in turn somebody had to write me a review too and you got it!

    I wish you could have written for my main blog.. yet i loved this review! 5 stars for you:)

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