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Sat is an exam that has every high school student in tremors. There is a lot of math to be learnt. Students need to be well prepared to take the exam. Tensions run high on the day of the exam. Irrespective of the outcome students under go a phenomenal amount of stress.

A friend of mine wanted to take the SAT. I was trying to get her good material to prepare for her exam. It was at that time that i stumbled upon Brightstorm.


I made my friend register and go through the contents. The site has a phenomenally high user interface. It is extremely fun to just navigate through the site. There is an excellent user interface.

We did not waste any time and we selected the SAT critical reading video with Erin Hyman. It was an excellent video. It was comprehensive and extremely satisfying to listen to the lecture. It was fun to listen to such a class. The teacher was extremely versatile in her approach. All our fears regarding the exam were banished.

Brightstorm works in a very easy and effective method.

You have to register to take the classes. You can Sign up for a free brightstorm account. Once you do that you can start attending your classes. You can select a subject and your teacher too. We do not have that option elsewhere. You can review core concepts, practice problems and deepen your understanding. Raising your grades and preparing for college is now a piece of cake. Brightstorm is fun. It adds value to your preparation. It is very professional in approach. You can have fun along the way too.

So what are you waiting for?? Sign up for a free account today.


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