Moved to One Happy Amma

Hello friends,

Thank you so much for still dropping by the blog. I know it’s been two months since I updated this blog.

Unfortunately, my blog is going through a lot of technical issues due to which I am unable to update this blog.

Finally after many trials, I am able to write today, so here it goes. I would be moving this blog to a different hosting service in a few months.

However, I’d love to inform you that I have started another blog to share about two cents on parenting.

You all have shown great love to this blog of mine. So, I happily invite you to drop by, my parenting blog.

I’ll be super happy to see you soon at One Happy Amma ♥️

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I share the reflections of my mind here as a mommy blogger. I share my parenting experiences and life experiences with gratitude.

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